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Kidnap suspect: A peep into Samuel Udoetuk-Wills’ closet

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Comment: Re: Love of country. D Elaware USA.

2019-08-07 08:09:59
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Re: Kidnap suspect: A peep into Samuel Udoetuk-Wil

@Love of country.DElaware Usa .
Post on Aug 7, 00:00 about Nigeria being a crime infested place, I bet he lives in America but does not read the news or watch the TV about the crimes and killings in America, he only sees the crimes in Nigeria or such caused by nigerians.

If he is got his permit to travel, please visit el Salvador, Brazil and other south America countries before stereotyping Nigeria and its citizens.

Mind you, the Ghanians who visit Nigeria for work, family or holidays have not told you of any negative feedback in their experience except a one off issue.

While it is true, there are crimes of all sort going on in Nigeria, it is also true that Nigerians are not happy with these happening and we have continued to condemn such plus distance ourselves from such attitude, thus stereotyping all nigerians as you did is childish, hate and parochial.

Not all of us who often visit Ghana for holiday can do that anymore for fear of the stereotyping and the possibility of xenophobic attack on innocent nigerians visitors to Ghana.

I honestly sympathise with every Ghanaian who has been a victim of crime caused by any nigerian and commend the police and the judiciary for making sure such accused if found guilty is dealt with accordingly.

Let us report and dealt with the criminals amongst us irrespective of their nationality, religion or tribe but protect and respect the innocents with trust.

Thank you.

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Kess on Aug 7, 08:09
Re: Love of country. D Elaware USA.