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Kidnap suspect: A peep into Samuel Udoetuk-Wills’ closet

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Comment: Re: Lucas

2019-08-07 08:21:01
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Re: Kidnap suspect: A peep into Samuel Udoetuk-Wil

Wow! That is worrying news aye?

Am sure it was not a Nigerian that shot and killed people in the various malls in the US?

A Ghanaian was deported from the UK for causing a loss of millions of pounds of investors, he is not a nigerian, the analysis is to make you realise there is evil everywhere not just among Nigerians.

Having said that, I will recommend that a law be enacted that allows landlords to seek to a proof of identification for all tenants before handing them tenancy agreements.

A letter of good conduct, character attestation and liability can be requested from the embassy of head of Nigeria union for the tenant before being granted a roof.
And such details must include xonfirmation of next of kin in Nigeria and evidence of a job.

You don't give accommodation to jobless foreigners in his or her bid to get his rent paid or survive, he or she could become a criminal if he cant find a job.

Please let's share these recommendations with our law makers.

This might be helpful.

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Kess on Aug 7, 08:21