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Comment: Free SHS for political point to steal

21st century boy
2019-08-18 07:07:37
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Stupid assumption

Though not aware of malaria and pregnancy of free SHS students but it must not just be about scoring political point as NPP is doing. The issue is it must be done approximately to get a better result . Because of the track system, students have to spend a lot of time in home before get called. As it is date for the third year students to resume keen changing while teachers compiling each passing day how will that guarantee quality and the achievement of the students. We know politicians are not about anything laudable than mechanisms to steal that is why NPP is vigorous with it nothing else.

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21st century boy on Aug 18, 2019 07:07
Free SHS for political point to steal
Sangrinu Boy on Aug 18, 2019 06:54