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Comment: NDC is a liability to Ghana

2019-08-18 09:08:54
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Re: Geoege

Ghanaians should ban evil NDC party before this nation can develop. Otherwise, anytime we make a step forward, NDC would take us two steps backward. Kufuor helped Ghana discover oil in commercial quantity, initiated many social interventions including NHIS, Maternal Care, School Feeding program, Capitation, NYEA, Metro Mass Transit etc. But Mahama could not implement a single policy in eight years and messed up the NHIS, chip our monies and left Ghana bankrupt by returning this nation to the dictate of IMF. Mahama, chop chop incompetent president who used our limited resources to buy cars for chiefs, Akua Donkor, Tracey Boakye, Mizbel and other celebrities. While Kufuor was giving to Ghana, useless Mahama was stealing from Ghana. Kufuor introduced Metro Mass Transit buses but Mahama only wisdom is to print his pictures on Kufuor Metro Mass Transit to make him popular. I hate Mahama because he lacks wisdom and behaves like seven years old boy.

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Wiseman on Aug 18, 2019 09:08
NDC is a liability to Ghana
Sangrinu Boy on Aug 18, 2019 06:54