Armed robbers shoot police officer dead near Liberia camp

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2019-08-29 12:51:17
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Re: Stop them please.

And who told you that ghana girls are not prostituting in Nigeria? And who told you Ghanaians are not rubbing in Nigeria, my dear, Nigeria government is very matured, they can't because of one foreigner who did wrong and place in on others, nor publish it like Ghanaians do, go to lekki, port Harcourt and Abuja and see ghana girls in Nigeria street prostituting, do you think your police and immigration are fair un their treatment with the Nigerian here no, you Ghanaians living in Nigeria have no single document and they are working in Nigeria companies, how many Nigerians do you allow to work here? Your police arrest Nigerians fraud boys, please show me where ghana fraud boys have ever been arrested? Your police arrest Nigerians prostitute, please show me where ghana prostitute is posted on the internet, are they are not seeing the girls? Or the fraud boys? You see the reason why crime increases in Ghana because any little thing they blame it on Nigeria, that is why God is blessing them and punishing you all, I'm so ashamed to be a ghana, go to Nigeria the people are very nice and friendly, their immigration don't harras nor treat you anyhow, the same with their police, I lived in Nigeria for 18 years, I have never heard because of one Ghanaians who rubbed or prostitute, then Nigeria police will post it online or will start to arrest all the Ghanaians, see what the Ghanaians did yesterday, is still a shock that smells idiots are still saying Nigerians, Ghanaians are you people not ashamed of yourself!? God will keep punishing anyone of you who treat Nigerians anyhow in this country, you will keep lacking, and you will hardly see good things. Idiots I'm very ashamed of my country ghana

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Afia on Aug 29, 2019 12:51
Re: Stop them please.