Desist from politicising security matters - Veep urges Ghanaians

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Comment: Liars and Hypocrites

2019-08-31 02:45:34
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Desist from politicising security matters - Veep u

Is funny when hypocrite Veep and his gang of armed robbers spew gabbage like this. You're the government and is responsible for the security of citizens. So, who should take the blame when there is insecurity? Mahama?
Beside, since when did you know that security issues should not be politicized? In opposition, when Mahama even sneezes, you and your gangsters will organize press conference to tell Ghanaians of the true state of whatever. Today, the coin has turned and you're so much incompetent to deal with the situation, you're now saying security issues shouldn't be politicized. Is a pity! Very hypocritical and dishonest leaders we have in our time. Like in a civilized country, you and Nana would have resigned long time because the very things you said against the previous administration when you were in opposition are the very things you're now doing, and even doing it the more. You campaigned on corruption, what are we not seeing? You campaigned on the depreciation of the cedi, what is the rate now to the major trading currencies? You campaigned on Procurement breaches, what is happening now? You campaigned on large government appoinees, you have 124 ministers and over 1600 staff at flagstaff. You campaigned on killer and many taxes, how many taxes did you not introduced to burden Gahaians? You campaigned on job creation, how many banks, microfinance companies have you collapse resulting in job losses?
Is a pity that we have such hypocrites and dishonest people leading us.

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JKM on Aug 31, 2019 02:45
Liars and Hypocrites