Desist from politicising security matters - Veep urges Ghanaians

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Comment: Nkontompo ne nnabraba nti

Kwame Adjei-Mensah
2019-08-31 05:00:30
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Desist from politicising security matters - Veep u

You trusted the Ghana Police Force so much that you had to go to employ hooligans' trainers .As if that was not enough , you kept on training more criminals in Osu castle for more than two years until you were busted.Who knows if you are not still doing it. Have you forgotten how you used to politicize everything - even when your dog sneezed- when you were in opposition ? You simply epitomize hypocrisy.Disarm your hooligans.You know them and you know how they operate.Let me say it again that.When Bawumia tells you good morning , please do yourself a big favour : look at the position of the sun before you respond.

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Kwame Adjei-Mensah on Aug 31, 2019 05:00
Nkontompo ne nnabraba nti