No NDC member has defected - Yagaba Kubori NDC clears air

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Haruna Manpahiya Tijani
2019-10-06 15:05:52
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No NDC member has defected - Yagaba Kubori NDC cle

Hon.mustapha is a no go area when it comes to education. You mentioned yagba to mankarigu road and Tantala forgetting that mustapha constructed Kikayiri to Kpatorigu road which your Tanko used for his campaign. Mustapha used his own money to construct dams .provide exercise books for students. Tertiary students allowance for every tertiary student. Free nhis. School bus for the shs. Ambulance for yagba hospitals and others. Tell me what your so called Tanko has done for students in the constituency. If not buying alcohol for the uneducated for them to vote him. And he calls himself Alhaji. Allah is watching.

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