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I cannot tag Akufo-Addo with corruption – Alex Mould

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Comment: WHAT AN IDIOT!!!!

2019-10-13 13:05:14
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I cannot tag Akufo-Addo with corruption – Alex M

It is sad that these educated and politically connected individuals are so intellectually corrupt and dishonest:

Let's take his argument in stride;

1. Some actions of the President's appointees evince corruption:

2. The President is the first citizen and chief law enforcement officer.

3. These alleged corrupt appointees are still walking around freely.

4. By all intents and purposes, our law enforcement agencies under the thumb of the President are just toothless bull dogs. They are a sham!

5. Therefore, if the law that is supposed to guide the conduct of these appointees is not being fairly and aggressively effectuated and enforced, what does that say of the President?

Ironically, this guy Alex Mould didn't have the moral chutzpah to mention the corrupt re-negotiated Ameri deal many such corrupt deals for very obvious reason!!!

I pray that honest and integrity filled individuals in these two major parties rise up to take over the leadership of these parties before our democracy is completely destroyed!

Oh Ghana

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PROF LUMO on Oct 13, 2019 13:05