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I cannot tag Akufo-Addo with corruption – Alex Mould

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Comment: Family emploment

Kofi Mensah
2019-10-17 22:41:47
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I cannot tag Akufo-Addo with corruption – Alex M

Africans and Ghanaians are pathetic when its to politics Donald Trump has employed his children and their wives into the white house and yet the Americans are not crying corruption but what do we see and hear in Ghana Akufo Addo has turn his government into a family center.what does this say about the nation . That we are a nation of fools with shallow mindset. So please let be reasonable and think properly and honestly and see nothing wrong with that. In Great Britain the prime minster Therese May won the contract to operate the company that over see the prisons and the people did not cry foal or corruption What do we hear in this country called
Ghana.Oh God have mercy on us

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Kofi Mensah on Oct 17, 2019 22:41
Family emploment