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Comment: Mahama a disgrace to your father

2019-10-16 01:03:29
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Lies, lies, lies = Sammy Gymfi

It is about time our National Security Agencies deal with people who make unsubstantiated statements that amount to the threat to National security.
If this so-called lawyer is not able to provide the evidence, he should be arrested, tried and jailed.
I am surprised that Mahama has allowed himself to become a non patriotic person,selfish and self conceited. He thinks Ghana belongs to him and his brother, Ibrahim.
Mr.E.A.Mahama would be turning in his grave for seeing you behave like this,selfish, greedy and surrounding yourself with liars and people who have no respect for the elders.
Mahama you will not win the 2020 election or any other election, because you have become a disgrace to yourself, your party and most of all the name Mahama.

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ACROBAT on Oct 16, 2019 01:03
Mahama a disgrace to your father