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Protect Atewa Forest - American actor Leonardo DiCaprio

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Comment: Say what?

Alhassan Walla
2019-11-13 00:56:00
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Atewa Forest must be protected - American actor Le

If Leonardo DiCaprio is an avowed environmentalist as he claims to be, then I would like to see him direct his solemn advice to his President, Donald Trump, an avowed anti-environmentalist, who continues to discredit top-notch scientific findings regarding Climate Change.

Meanwhile, Climate Change has proven to be the cause of the unprecedented forest fires in California and the monstrous Hurricanes in the southern coastal belt of the US.

DiCaprio, remove the big log in your backyard before you even think of removing the sliver in ours. This is not about your 'TITANIC', you hear! Dzi wo fie asem!

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Alhassan Walla on Nov 13, 2019 00:56