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Protect Atewa Forest - American actor Leonardo DiCaprio

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Comment: Oh Ghana listen this actor?

2019-11-13 08:57:27
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Atewa Forest must be protected - American actor Le

Listen to this actor who is campaigning against Ghana mining her bauxite. I am expecting him to talk about measures government is putting in place to protect the environment, water bodies etc in the said forest. So we should leave the bauxite on the ground forever as it has happened since Kwame Nkrumahs time? Has he find out why Akosombo dam was built? Why Valco was setup? Because of the mining of these bauxites deposits in Ghana. After Kaiser Aliuminium company from the same America he this actor comes from had helped Ghana through a loan to setup the dam and Valco turned their back to Ghana and instead of setting up the mines for the bauxite then imported the processed bauxite Alumina from Trinadad and Togbego to feed Valco which Americans helped Ghana to setup. Since then Valco import Alumina to feed the industry. Now you see the double stand.
I am concern about how the government will protect the water bodies and the environment as for the mining they should go ahead and setup the industry for we cant leave it on the ground forever and also government should learn from the gold mines in Ghana and how they went down.

Even America where this actor comes from has refused to sign some of the global warming agreements and America is one of the polluted countries in the world so I expect this actor to start his campaign from America and leave we poor Ghana alone.

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kofi on Nov 13, 2019 08:57
Oh Ghana listen this actor?