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6 arrested, 3 injured as Ghanaian, Nigerian traders clash

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Comment: Stop this envious attitude on Nigerians.

2019-12-03 11:15:31
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6 arrested, 3 injured as Ghanaian, Nigerian trader

What are Ghanians doing in other countries where they are also engaging in retail business even when the Law of those countries frown on such practises. Ghanians let us stop this hypocrites attitude. Attacking our fellow blacks will never make us a comfortable or a wealthy nation.
We have Chinese, Lebanese, Indians and people from different continent who are doing the same retail business in Ghana. Why are we not attacking this people of colors but takes so much pride in attacking fellow Africans. Ghanians adores whites who commits higher crimes in Ghana but wishes there own brothers death for engaging in retail business in Ghana. It won't be funny on Ghana as a whole should Nigerians retaliate on them in same measure. You are attacking Nigerians because of envy and because you are too lazy to compete them in business. Why not learn from them instead of attacking them. Ghanians keep quiet and learn Noise and envy doesn't make wealth. Thank you.

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Charles on Dec 3, 11:15
Stop this envious attitude on Nigerians.