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6 arrested, 3 injured as Ghanaian, Nigerian traders clash

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2019-12-03 21:13:07
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6 arrested, 3 injured as Ghanaian, Nigerian trader

Your president campaign with hope of sacking foreigners, he won election, let him carry out his campaign pledge, he should not hide behind your people guta to do it, come out openly and support their actions let Nigeria pack and leave your country, don't forget Nigerians banks employ millions of your people, Nigerians businesses do same, no one single Ghanaians business in Nigeria has created job for Nigerians back home, you people are not appreciative including your ladies, Ghanaians are Saint, go and fugure how many Ghanaians are selling in Nigerians markets, who cares about them, don't forget Busia action and the end result, ellien act or not, if they are sacking Nigeria this time we are going with our property, dont think we allowed you to seized them ask your government did before, no way, your people in Nigeria have nothing to seized, only pufpuf boxes and shoes makers boxes

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Mark on Dec 3, 21:13