Mahama gov't sold 100 coaches as scrap – Joe Ghartey

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Comment: Sold rail coaches?

2019-12-04 21:33:40
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Mahama gov't sold 100 coaches as scrap – Joe Gha

Mahama is the Goliath all NPP memoand their king Nana addo are hiding in the caves from. No npp speech is without the name Mahama. This is dangerous for npp and akans. I am believing that anything negative in npp is blamed on Mahama but Ghanaians know it is not so and like the man Mahama for what they saw him do for them and Ghana. Npp are seriously becoming insane each passing day and failing as a government. Can they rule for another term with this Mahama sickness? I don't think so.

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Ghanaians on Dec 4, 21:33
Sold rail coaches?