The only poll that matters to me is on December 7 – Akufo-Addo on Afrobarometer report

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Comment: Oh Bobo...yes Willie Bobo..!

C.Stephen Sackey
2019-12-14 02:10:58
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Re: The only poll that matters to me is on Decembe

Hey Bobo.....
Are you related to the late, famed Cuban percussionist Willie Bobo?
He played the conga in the late '50s and early' 60s jazz bands, along with our own Guy Warren of Ghana.

But, frivolities aside because politics is a very serious business.

So.... Bobo...

Are you aware that the governing party -NPP and it's flagbearer HE NADA-A- has a 12% advantage in the poll over the opposition party NDC and it's flagbearer JDM?

And ....

Further, if a governing party has a 10+ advantage in the poll over the opposition party a year before a general election the incumbent party is retained with more than a million votes plurality?

So...young Bobo....

If I were you I will have a 365 days of sleepness nights.

That is, if somehow , you think the Ghanaian electorate - guided by the NDC's tombstone "create, loot and share"-
and the lack of a Pan African vision - willl abandon the NPP and vote in the NDC for the governance of the Republic.

Like they say in my neck of the woods that's a " fat chance," for that ain't happening.

Akonode protect and bless H.E NADA-A- the greatest once-in- a- century African leader, his government.
Yes..Pan African's jewel in the crown of nation's.

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C.Stephen Sackey on Dec 14, 2019 02:10
Oh Bobo...yes Willie Bobo..!