Ghana committed to adopting ECO - Govt

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Comment: ...now I understand why Africa has .....

United Front Party
2019-12-30 06:28:16
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Ghana committed to adopting ECO - Govt

... now I understand why Africa has one of the richest land of this planet ... but at the same time has the poorest people on the planet .... those who are suppose to administer her resources to benefit her people have no clue of what they are doing .... the idea of this single currency is the STUPIDITY OF THE CENTURY .... in fact whoever had this idea should be castigated ....

There is no one single reason that should inform or evn encourage this decision .... for this idea alone we should vote massively against this government ... they have no clue about the economy ...

...now things are making a little bit of sense... now I understand why Macron came to Ghana ... and the old man, a good slave as he is obeyed the master .... to not only join the single currency but to advocate for it ....

To my fellow Africans this is slave trade number 3 .... let us rise and resist this with all our might ... if this should go on this will be the end of any hope for the Africa people to advance, at lest the Africa we come from ... (West Africa).

Allassan Ouattare is a devil ... he has always been used by the west against the black people.

...and now Akuffo Addo under the leadership of Ofori Atta, having destroyed the economy is trying to hide the mess with the news of a single currency .... let us vote them out ...

Please my fellow vote massively for the UNITED FRONT PARTY .... it is party for the people ... and the party of the time !

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United Front Party on Dec 30, 2019 06:28
...now I understand why Africa has .....