Ghana committed to adopting ECO - Govt

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Comment: Re:The Eco and Ghana’s involvement.

Ras Tafari The First
2019-12-31 17:33:20
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Adopting Eco

Ghana ought to be very careful.Having a West African Central Bank to oversee the Eco means,individual countries would not have the power to make decisions should they run into economic difficulties.
The U.K. experienced similar problems under Maggie Thatcher.Interest rates in the U.K. jumped to 15 percent in a single day.This led to the UK coming out of the European Economic Management Initiative so,they could manage their own affairs rather than taking orders from the European Central Bank.Our politicians should think very carefully before jumping to this Eco malarkey.It could all end up in tears.

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Ras Tafari The First on Dec 31, 2019 17:33
Re:The Eco and Ghana’s involvement.