A chunk of public servants illegally occupying their positions – Audit Service

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Comment: I beg

T Flat Minor
2020-01-05 13:47:37
Comment to:
U talk too much

Some people include those who are directly concerned or bound by those laws don't know what is being said, Charlie. So this is by means of communication to inform.

You're all criticizing the AG of talking but we know how things work in Ghana where almost everyone is corrupt. Keeping quiet over issues of corruption soon dissipates into oblivion and forgotten or discarded. To me, the best way to keep citizens informed about how politicians are pushing our country further into precipice by way of thuggery is talking about it and shaming them, unless there's a law against talking about it. That's part of the transparency and honesty.

In any case, the AG is working in our interest and not against it. Personally, I don't remember any AG who has so much interest in fighting corruption others took monies they should turn over to the state and kept quiet. We should all be emulating his work.

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T Flat Minor on Jan 5, 13:47