SHSs risk closure over lack of funds and food

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Comment: Disappointing

2020-01-28 08:47:23
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Very useless and Corrupt

Raymond you have said it all. His administration shows why he was not good at school. How can you decide to have more children when you have only one bedroom, you salary hasn't gone up much? The results will be a poor quality of life for the children and exactly what is happening to children's education. We are falling behind most African countries who never dreamt catching up with us let alone being ahead of us all because Nana Addo wanted to be president come what may do has to resort to lies unnecessary promises and policies that only ensure he wins but has no long time benefit to the country. One of the areas this government has failed miserably is EDUCATION, last term students only had three weeks of serious learning and have to break for another three months for others to come in where on it is this done? If you want to destroy a country don't bother with bombs just destroy the educational system and that country is finished and this is exactly where Ghana is heading. What's the point of spending do much on students who will finish school and can't do anything because they are not well equipped because of poor education?
Another problem with this government is the death of democracy. Some teachers didn't want their names mentioned because they know the consequence ,four years ago these teachers would've given their names and pictures without fear. Try me we have and you are useless.

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