SHSs risk closure over lack of funds and food

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Comment: Is That How The Free SHS Has Become?

G. K. Berko
2020-01-29 14:08:02
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SHSs risk closure over lack of funds and food

If this is true, then it is most shameful of the Government. This failure would give the NDC folks a massive advantageous reason to claim they were right about the Free SHS program not being viable.

As much as I have always supported the Program, I wish the NPP Administration would have made it its priority to ensure the Program's incontrovertible success to deny the Opposition any such advantage.

Now, it is worth having an immediate interventionist Committee to look at what is going wrong with the Program before the problems spiral out of control to destroy the entire Educational System.

Like in most things in Ghana, such a failure may be the result of a greedy Official's or Politician's misuse of Funds allocated for the Program. It is simply unacceptable that after having presented a Budget at the Parliament to fund the Program and approved, the Program would so soon face this challenge.

The cause of the threat has to be promptly identified, and neutralized to save our Schools, and preserve the right of all Ghanaian children to have proper and quality Education.

This is inexcusable! I hope Ken Ofori-Atta does not come to offer any explanation that points to his outfit as the culprit for the problems. That would seal his doom as a Finance Minister.

And, where the hell has 'Napo' been?!! Didn't he see this coming?

Long Live Ghana!!!

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Is That How The Free SHS Has Become?
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