CID officers were very professional - Sammy Gyamfi

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Comment: Thank for proffesionalism but...........

2020-01-28 11:06:09
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CID Officers were very professional - Sammy Gyamfi

After the arrest and statement of the acused taken, sammy Gyamfi reserved the right to remain silence or what eveer he says shall be used against him in court of competent juridiction.

After the arrest and bailed, what do they mean by further interogations?
Yes thank the new CID for their professionalism, but i have a problem for further interogation!

Yes he must report to the cid, but i i were him i will never speak again until we meet in court!

Ghana we must move away from the military style of governmence, it is gone and shall never return.

The constitution grants the fredom, and the rights of the people to be respected!

That is why you do not just wake up and follow any stupid commands from those power from above.

As cid, they must be convinced on the reported case , that there is much evidence for prosecution before seeking an arrest warrant!

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ROGUE LAWYER on Jan 28, 2020 11:06
Thank for proffesionalism but...........