CID officers were very professional - Sammy Gyamfi

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2020-01-28 11:21:44
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l love Ghana

The problem is that , the complain is coming from the presidency your Akuffu Addos office,
In the first place,
1.Cid should be convinced that what the presidency has reported to them carry weight of evidence for prosecution

2, they must be professional in respecting the rights of the acused, which they have done and we all must commend them for that professional exhibition. What it means is that the police force has nothing personal against him , the acused except the complain lodged by the presidency. That is professional. Though it is coming from the presidency which need to be taken serious, the rights of the acused must be respected. That is the point Amaliba is making.

3. The professional conduct of the police, is trying to inform people in power, that the police is not going to be used as an intimidation too, against the people of divergent views.

What i would like to see from the Cid is that now they have the power to examine their evidence and the statement to either caution him, or set him freee, if they think the evidence has no weight to carry on.

Because if not , and they go to court and loose the case, and i were sammy Gyamfi, i will make sure they pay for their conduct in the same court process

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