Business News Thu, 6 Feb 2020

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Nigeria 'swerves' Ghana, other neighbouring countries on border opening

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Comment: Re: let them keep it closed

2020-02-06 11:56:31
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let them keep it closed

Ghanaians and their love for cheap things, can't they put pressure on their currency GhC and import what the want and look for market else where and export what they have in abundance. Ghanaweb should stop this border issues ones and for all. Because I don't really understand why Ghanaians are crying more than the bewildered Benin Republic and Niger Republic whom are directly affected. Ghanaians should please go somewhere else and trade because Naija is not their demigod, they have other West African countries to trade with. They should forget about the border and the Nigeria market for now or else, Naija will force them to forget the border forever. At least, Ghana government has forced Nigeria traders out of trade in their country, that alone is a statement. Ghana should shut down her border with Togo, Burkina , and Cote d'Ivoire because of Nigeria actions who cares.

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Abah-fada on Feb 6, 11:56
Re: let them keep it closed