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Nigeria 'swerves' Ghana, other neighbouring countries on border opening

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Comment: Re: Nigeria 'swerves' Ghana, other neighbouring co

2020-02-07 04:17:27
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Re: Nigeria 'swerves' Ghana, other neighbouring co

Another homeless man in Delaware, I am not even sure you are in Delaware because if you were you will not be reasoning like your kenkey brains in your shithole. Or maybe you are one of the jobless weed induced challatans armed with an Android suffering from dual personalities. Nigeria is the African superpower take it or leave it. You can shout the negatives and stereotypes eg boko haram fraud( which your shithole is also noted for) etc even USA has it's own problem. In the 70 s the Indians were slammed in this way but see where they are now. Same with Italians who were described as black sheep of Europe due to mafia, although you may not be able to comprehend this. Stay in your lane pls, since you know nothing about power Dynamics in the world talkless of Africa. I will not try to please you by giving reasons. You are too dumb to comprehend

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Rambo on Feb 7, 04:17
Re: Nigeria 'swerves' Ghana, other neighbouring co