Business News Thu, 6 Feb 2020

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Nigeria 'swerves' Ghana, other neighbouring countries on border opening

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Comment: Re: let them keep it closed

2020-02-07 04:37:05
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Re: let them keep it closed

Maybe you don't know the continent you came from. I guess you think your continent is super. Again you have continued the insult by giving mundane reasons to justify your opinion of Nigeria i.e you came to Nigeria saw people picking the dustbin looking for food. I laugh in Spanish, when will you people grow up. While you were saying that, a world remarkable operation to separate conjoined twins in liver and intestine was being done in Abuja, Nigeria was declared a powerhouse in tech, software and startups, overthrowing SA and Kenya. All these were happening while your shithole was regressing in all directions deluding themselves that they are this and that under imf prompting without anything to show for it. The beggars you see in the street are from Chad Niger and CAR. No need to convince you since you have a negative mindset. Next time discuss like an informed mind not mundane things to support your flawed argument

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Ruta on Feb 7, 04:37
Re: let them keep it closed