Business News Thu, 6 Feb 2020

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Nigeria 'swerves' Ghana, other neighbouring countries on border opening

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Comment: GHANA wrong plan it hit there Head

Kwame Ghana
2020-03-01 16:39:59
Comment to:
close the border forever

I'm surprised that Ghana government go to Nigerian to beg after closing Nigerian shops in Ghana
What a SHAMELESS government this government is confused

This is just the beginning Ghana have started the fight they can't finish, this is just part 1, GUTA is there looking like a goat head, let him continue closing Nigerian shops we just close only border we never come to the matter of the Kumasi damages, the right time will come , free country indeed Ghana, jealous, Ghana don't know anything look business zero Nigerian come and take over your there crying like a small baby only to fuck woman inside wooden house

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Kwame Ghana on Mar 1, 16:39
GHANA wrong plan it hit there Head