It’s not too late to come clean on US$2bn Sinohydro deal terms – NRGI Report

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Comment: Chinese crooks meet Ghanaian crooks

2020-02-28 16:21:49
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It’s not too late to come clean on US$2bn Sinohy

The Chinese are more crooked than corrupt African politicians and their business cronies. The Chinese will never enter into such gargantuan business deals without filling the pockets of the African politicians. Ghana is being lied to about a barter structured deal, but the whole deal smells of rotten fish, with the Ghanaian public left holding a heavy burden caused by the greed of their crooked political leaders. How can Ghanaians trust these very political crooks who can't even contain reckless Chinese illegal miners running loose in the country, when they now have to deal with not low level illegal miners, but the Chinese Big daddy with loads of money to bribe Africaman?

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Ex-Pope on Feb 28, 2020 16:21
Chinese crooks meet Ghanaian crooks