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Government has no funds to procure fuel for electricity production - Bongo MP

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Comment: A Ghanaian MP or Foreign MP?

2020-03-17 19:53:36
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Government has no funds to procure fuel for electr

What is really wrong with all these empty headed persons who by virtue of our politics call themselves MPs. Is this person a representative of a constituency in Ghana or an abstract constituency in the abyss? As for the NDC,we curse the day they were brought into being. All they think about is themselves and power. How can you rejoice when all the problems confronting Ghana are CAUSED BY THE NDC? This Party has never done anything positive for our national cohesion and development.
If they are not destroying businesses 1989-1992..PNDC, they are destroying our railways,Our ship building, destroying Ghana Black Stars and Sports in Ghana,destroying our Schools,our hospitals......As for our roads the least said the better.
The only Party that can reduce an Economic growth of 14% and within 3 years bring it to 3.6%.

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ghanamindset on Mar 17, 2020 19:53
A Ghanaian MP or Foreign MP?