'When I see Mahama, I see Airbus scandal' - Kwamena Duncan discloses his 'nightmare'

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Comment: Power is transient

Bumpty Bantama
2020-05-21 16:30:06
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'When I see Mahama, I see Airbus Scandal' - Kwamen

Who determines a fake pastor? Why is the cocaine pusher and the Murderer not in jail? Power is transient
Kennedy is far worse than the so call fake pastors. He must know Power is transient.
K Agyapong has the tacit approval from the President that’s the reason he’s doing this. Kennedy started this crusade when they spoke against the President… At least I know that of Badu Kobi. But they should know Power is transient
If his motivation was to go after fake pastors, why not go after Owusu Bempah? Power is transient.
Do we have any evidence the so-called fake pastors force people to attend their church? they should know Power is transient.
The Question that needs to answered is why people with challenges go to such churches and not the big-big churches as we know. The big churches preach only salvation whilst the so-called fake pastors and their churches preach hope to the hopeless.
When Nana Addo visited the shrine of Opambour he had the believe and had is ambition fulfilled.
So, if I go to Obinim its also my believe. Many more also do get their miracles something. It doesn’t sit with Agyapong (the idiot) to determine who a fake pastor is.
Suicide would have been rampant without the assurances from these pastors can do promises.
Why begrudge them.
I will encourage all the One Man Ministries to also commence a serious crusade against Agyapong and the NPP government of Akufo Addo. Today its Obinim and Badu Kobi tomorrow it’s you.

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Bumpty Bantama on May 21, 2020 16:30