FULL TEXT: Mahama’s speech at NDC’s 28th-anniversary celebration

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2020-06-10 20:00:43
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FULL TEXT: Mahama’s speech at NDC’s 28th-anniv

Leaders are born to be leaders .
They are not force leaders who only think about power but have no clue of what to use real power for.
We have got leaders in our country , but you JM and MILLS, are some special kind.
we a nation are full of ungrateful people who can see with clear eyes even though they are not blind.
There are many amongst us who think they're those who should be our presidents or rulers and all others to be subjects .
Fools though they can't see that we are living in the 21st century and the time they thought they were lords are fucking past.
Ghana , is a melting pot anybody who thinks he or she is higher than anybody eles is a FOOL OR LIVING IN A FOOLS PARADISE.
Leadrs are born abd those who are true leaders move in confidence and allow the ruled to fllow without fear.
Those who wants to turn our country to be a BANNER REPUBLIC, must not be allowed we have come along way as a nation.

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