‘Corona Quacks’ II to expose AMA and a major hospital - Anas hints

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Comment: Quack Doctors expose

Michael Kwame Nartey
2020-06-30 16:32:15
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‘Corona Quacks’ II to expose AMA and a major h

God bless and protect Anas for his good work, in fact Ghanaian are not safe, because we have weak institutions we therefore need more persons like Anas to watch over us we(both the politicians and non politicians) are all venerable to these wicked people in the our society.
His part 2 also would let the world know that the Blackman(Ghanaians) are slave to those in authority hence food that needed to be given to the poor is being sold out. Very mischievous and more wicked than our colonial slave masters. God help us

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Michael Kwame Nartey on Jun 30, 2020 16:32
Quack Doctors expose