Auditor-General 'cheerleaders' exposed

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2020-07-06 12:16:00
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Auditor-General cheerleaders exposed

This one does not change anything about what was reported. It is has only revealed that Daily Guide is not a paper that puts out information to update the public but rather to always collect NPP shits. How can a whole paper be dedicated to only the collection of the shit of a political party? No doubt it serves as a paper for only NPP whilst serving only as a toilet paper for the rest of Ghanaians. Why waste time to put up this whole article? They think Ghanaians did not understand what was earlier reported? The depth of the matters regarding the AG is what people are interested in and not Daily Guide's senseless explanations. All these are clear that the owner of the toilet paper unfortunately called Georgina Blay is just a mere container of the shits of her party members.

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Re: Auditor-General cheerleaders exposed