Auditor-General 'cheerleaders' exposed

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2020-07-06 16:16:27
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Auditor-General cheerleaders exposed

Africans we shield corrupt officials too much. If this case happend to be in the U.S.A. trust me mr. Marfo will by now starting a new life in prison. How can we say we want to eleminate corruption in our system but yet we shield the same corrupt people in the country? We are the cause of our own suffering. These gang of thieves running the economy of our country will corrupt the system instead of clearing the system from corruption. Let us shine our eyes. Those who vote base on their stomach should now think again becsuse the suffering continues after spending the money given to you by the politician to vote for him or her. Open your eyes and think about the future not now.

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Re: Auditor-General cheerleaders exposed