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Trump Hits Back at Pelosi, Threatening Her Trip to See Troops
The House speaker had threatened to cancel President Trump’s State of the Union address, citing security concerns because of the government shutdown.
(Fri, 18 Jan 2019 02:54:41 GMT)

Washington Memo: Washington as Unruly Sandbox: Squabbles, Antics and Tantrums
As the shutdown drags on, Trump-like behavior proliferates. The president “does generally force people to play down to his level,’’ says a biographer.
(Fri, 18 Jan 2019 02:08:26 GMT)

Family Separation May Have Hit Thousands More Migrant Children Than Reported
The government has said that about 2,700 migrant children were separated from their families at the border last year. But the removals may have involved thousands more.
(Thu, 17 Jan 2019 22:56:52 GMT)

3 Officers Acquitted of Covering Up for Colleague in Laquan McDonald Killing
Along with the three officers, the broad concept of a police “code of silence” was on trial in Chicago.
(Fri, 18 Jan 2019 02:47:33 GMT)

Trump Vows to Reinvent Missile Defenses, but Offers Incremental Plans
A new Pentagon document largely addresses destroying small numbers of missiles launched by regional powers, rather than overwhelming strikes from Russia or China.
(Fri, 18 Jan 2019 01:18:06 GMT)

A Favorite Restaurant in Syria Led ISIS to Americans
Some military officials say American soldiers had become complacent in a relatively peaceful spot in Syria. It was a fatal mistake.
(Fri, 18 Jan 2019 03:42:22 GMT)

North Korea Obscures Leaders’ Visits to Missile Development Sites, Report Says
Analysts have located six factories believed to be linked to North Korea’s missile program, visits to which by the country’s leaders were concealed by the state news media to protect them.
(Thu, 17 Jan 2019 22:57:05 GMT)

Skadden Arps Agrees to $4.6 Million Settlement in Ukraine Lobbying Case
The Justice Department investigation stemmed from work the law firm, which also agreed to register retroactively as a foreign agent for Ukraine, did with Paul Manafort.
(Fri, 18 Jan 2019 02:13:12 GMT)

Rudy Giuliani Backs Off Remarks on Potential Collusion by Trump Aides
The president’s personal lawyer had left open the possibility in a television interview that campaign aides took part in Russia’s election interference.
(Thu, 17 Jan 2019 21:15:40 GMT)

Michael Cohen Acknowledges Payments to Doctor Online Polls for Trump
President Trump’s former lawyer and fixer is reported to have paid $12,000 to $13,000 in cash in a shopping bag to help doctor poll results before the 2016 election.
(Thu, 17 Jan 2019 16:05:29 GMT)

Is Ancient DNA Research Revealing New Truths — or Falling Into Old Traps?
Geneticists have begun using old bones to make sweeping claims about the distant past. But their revisions to the human story are making some scholars of prehistory uneasy.
(Thu, 17 Jan 2019 10:00:03 GMT)

5 Takeaways From the Ancient DNA Research Story
Paleogenomics is upending of our assumptions about prehistoric times and shaking up how people envision their ancestry.
(Thu, 17 Jan 2019 22:36:31 GMT)

Nancy Pelosi, Chicago, Mary Oliver: Your Thursday Evening Briefing
Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.
(Thu, 17 Jan 2019 23:25:43 GMT)

Missile Defense, Brexit, Nancy Pelosi: Your Friday Briefing
Let us help you start your day.
(Fri, 18 Jan 2019 04:44:04 GMT)

Trump Worsens the Border Crisis
It’s not about drugs or crime. It’s about the government’s failure to adapt to an influx of asylum seekers.
(Fri, 18 Jan 2019 01:47:55 GMT)

The Lost Children of the Trump Administration
Why can’t the government account for how many children it separated from their parents at the border?
(Fri, 18 Jan 2019 01:47:32 GMT)

The Real Governments of Blue America
In some states, politicians are actually trying to do their jobs.
(Fri, 18 Jan 2019 00:16:18 GMT)

Students Learn From People They Love
Putting relationship quality at the center of education.
(Fri, 18 Jan 2019 00:43:22 GMT)

Editorial Observer: Trump and Pelosi: A Game of Spite and Malice
She gets under his skin. He punches back. Game on.
(Fri, 18 Jan 2019 00:35:25 GMT)

The Malign Incompetence of the British Ruling Class
With Brexit, the chumocrats who drew borders from India to Ireland are getting a taste of their own medicine.
(Thu, 17 Jan 2019 18:15:08 GMT)

Kamala Harris Was Not a ‘Progressive Prosecutor’
The senator was often on the wrong side of history when she served as California’s attorney general.
(Thu, 17 Jan 2019 15:18:45 GMT)

How Thailand’s Generals Rule by Numbers and the Stars
The junta has tightened its control while trying to bask in the popularity, mystique and beliefs that surround the monarchy.
(Thu, 17 Jan 2019 20:00:04 GMT)

The Rudderless West
We are drifting, in the absence of mind and will, toward a moment of civilizational self-negation.
(Thu, 17 Jan 2019 11:00:03 GMT)

Saving Public Education Isn’t About Idealism, but Survival
If it can happen anywhere, it can happen in California.
(Thu, 17 Jan 2019 21:33:24 GMT)

Jimmy Morales, a President Against Democracy in Guatemala
The expulsion of the anti-corruption commission from the Central American nation will clear the way for corruption and impunity.
(Fri, 18 Jan 2019 00:22:30 GMT)

Penguin Sex and Stolen Artifacts: Museum Tours Through a New Lens
A growing movement at British cultural institutions shows collections in novel and sometimes radical ways, sharing stories that were previously largely untold.
(Thu, 17 Jan 2019 10:59:38 GMT)

Unbuttoned: Rihanna and LVMH Make a Deal and, Possibly, History
The pop culture phenomenon and the luxury group are teaming up, and it’s about a lot more than fashion.
(Thu, 17 Jan 2019 22:05:59 GMT)

Books of The Times: O.K., Google: How Much Money Have I Made for You Today?
In “The Age of Surveillance Capitalism,” Shoshana Zuboff methodically dissects a new economic order that exploits our “every move, emotion, utterance and desire.”
(Wed, 16 Jan 2019 17:28:28 GMT)

Escort Who Claimed Evidence of Russian Meddling Is Detained in Moscow
Anastasia Vashukevich, who said she had recordings that shed light on meddling in the 2016 American election, had been deported from Thailand.
(Fri, 18 Jan 2019 01:11:10 GMT)

‘We Came to Take You to Riyadh’: Khashoggi Killing Detailed in New Book
Three Turkish reporters close to intelligence officials quote heavily from audiotapes that captured Jamal Khashoggi’s last minutes in the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul.
(Fri, 18 Jan 2019 04:36:48 GMT)

11 Arrests Reported in Deadly Nairobi Assault
The attack, which was claimed by the Shabab, an affiliate of Al Qaeda, killed at least 21 people, including a police officer.
(Fri, 18 Jan 2019 00:36:35 GMT)

Colombia Bombing Strikes Bogotá Police Academy, Killing at Least 21
The car bomb attack in the capital, Bogotá, wounded dozens and spread fear that the country’s violent past was returning.
(Fri, 18 Jan 2019 05:52:22 GMT)

Jesse Angelo Is Out as Publisher of The New York Post
He started as a stringer for Page Six and became a key executive under Rupert Murdoch.
(Fri, 18 Jan 2019 02:12:16 GMT)

At Los Angeles Teachers’ Strike, a Rallying Cry: More Funding, Fewer Charters
The teachers’ union is highlighting what it sees as the growing problem of charter schools, saying that they siphon off students and money from traditional public schools.
(Fri, 18 Jan 2019 02:50:27 GMT)

How El Chapo Escaped in a Sewer, Naked With His Mistress
Joaquín Guzmán Loera often evaded capture. As his wife looked on, a former mistress told the court how he once escaped. A D.E.A. agent told how they finally got him.
(Fri, 18 Jan 2019 02:33:45 GMT)

British Parliament’s Bid to Break Its Brexit Deadlock Is Delayed. Again.
After a crippling defeat for her Brexit plan on Tuesday, Prime Minister Theresa May will allow lawmakers to debate and vote on alternatives. But not until Jan. 29.
(Thu, 17 Jan 2019 23:01:29 GMT)

Trilobites: Romeo the Frog Finds His Juliet. Their Courtship May Save a Species.
The lonely male in a Bolivian museum was thought to be the last Sehuencas water frog, but an expedition has found him a potential mate.
(Thu, 17 Jan 2019 23:56:36 GMT)

What Professional Organizers Really Do, and How They Can Help You
When you hear “professional organizer” you may think “reality TV,” but you shouldn’t. Professional organizers can help with projects large and small, and with the psychology of clutter, to boot.
(Thu, 17 Jan 2019 20:52:22 GMT)

What to Do With All the Spices That Have Piled Up in Your Kitchen
New Year’s cooking resolutions start with clearing out the cabinets. A writer reckons with fast-fading sumac, coriander, garam masala and other seasonings.
(Tue, 15 Jan 2019 17:09:58 GMT)

Editors’ Choice: 8 New Books We Recommend This Week
Suggested reading from critics and editors at The New York Times.
(Thu, 17 Jan 2019 15:36:01 GMT)

What to Buy: The Gear You Need for a New Year (and a New You)
You need resolve more than equipment to make your resolutions real, but a few special things can keep you inspired and use those gift cards you got for the holidays.
(Fri, 11 Jan 2019 10:00:02 GMT)

Train Your Brain Like a Memory Champion
If you have trouble remembering names, faces or phone numbers, these tips from memory champions and neuroscientists can help.
(Thu, 10 Jan 2019 01:02:40 GMT)

To Save the Sound of a Stradivarius, a Whole City Must Keep Quiet
A team in Cremona, Italy, wants to preserve every note from the world’s finest instruments before they become too fragile to play. But perfect recordings need silence. Lots of it.
(Thu, 17 Jan 2019 14:27:13 GMT)

M. Night Shyamalan’s Biggest Twist? Coming Full Circle
The director said his new film, “Glass,” was the toughest he has ever made. Yet the man once called “the Next Spielberg” says he is back where he wants to be.
(Tue, 15 Jan 2019 20:22:38 GMT)

Critic’s Pick: ‘The Heiresses’ Review: A Surprising Drama of Status and Sexuality
Marcelo Martinessi’s debut feature from Paraguay will probably defy your initial expectations about the story.
(Tue, 15 Jan 2019 17:44:38 GMT)

Nonfiction: Behind the Guitar Heroes
In “The Birth of Loud,” Ian Port traces the invention and evolution of the electric guitar.
(Wed, 16 Jan 2019 20:00:06 GMT)

A Beloved Provence-Based Wicker Workshop Comes to Paris
This week, Atelier Vime unveils its new showroom and a collaboration with the American artist Wayne Pate.
(Thu, 17 Jan 2019 16:12:09 GMT)

Global Warming Is Helping to Wipe Out Coffee in the Wild
Researchers found that more than half of all species could vanish from the wild, and the implications for coffee’s survival in the era of climate change are huge.
(Wed, 16 Jan 2019 19:24:08 GMT)

In a Children’s Theater Program, Drama Over a Peanut Allergy
The conflict over accommodating a child’s allergy turned into a legal battle that highlights the isolation that people with food allergies often face.
(Thu, 17 Jan 2019 22:54:31 GMT)

Adolescence: How to Help Tweens and Teens Manage Social Conflict
Don’t add to the drama. Take it in stride and coach your kids as they work to resolve things on their own.
(Thu, 17 Jan 2019 19:23:17 GMT)

Alan R. Pearlman, Synthesizer Pioneer, Dies at 93
Mr. Pearlman’s ARP synthesizers were once ubiquitous in pop and electronic music. By the mid-1970s, they commanded 40 percent of the market.
(Thu, 17 Jan 2019 23:57:27 GMT)

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