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Abednego Tetteh wails of the uncertainty surrounding the Ghana Premier League

Former Bechem United forward Abednego Tetteh insists the uncertainty surrounding the start of the Ghana Premier League is a worrying situation for all stakeholders especially the players.

The Ghana Premier League is in limbo, with the start date still unknown as clubs and owners continue preparations over an uncertain date for the start of the new campaign.

According to Abednego Tetteh, who won the FA Cup with Bechem United before leaving to continue his career in Sudan, says the situation is worrying and a sad development for keen followers of the domestic game.

“To me as a player, I find it very worrisome. I’m a keen follower of the league and I sometimes watch the matches on Facebook live, but I'm very sad over the current development. It's going to affects the players and moreover the whole nation,” Tetteh told Happy FM.

The lanky forward believes the unstructured nature of the Ghana Premier League is the reason why most local fans have now turned their backs to the game in Ghana and are religiously following European clubs.

“These are some of the reasons people like supporting European clubs like Real Madrid, Manchester United, Chelsea and Barcelona. They have misled us into believing that it's the journalists who are responsible for the bane of the league but I've seen it's not them but rather the heads of the Ghana FA."

“If we continue with this trend, why shouldn’t our players leave the country to a place like Togo, Burkina Faso, and Lesotho? We are the cause of our own downfall, it's very sad."

The 27-year-old implored the Football Association and Accra Great Olympics to come to the table and fix the current misunderstanding for the domestic league to begin in earnest.

“I'm begging those at the helm of the FA to find an amicable solution to the problem so that our league can go ahead. The clubs are suffering likewise the players.”
Source: footballghana.com
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