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“There is wind of change blowing at GOC” - Charles Osei Assibey

The President of the Ghana Arm-wrestling Federation, Mr. Charles Osei Assibey, has stated that Mr Ben Nunoo Mensah, is the ideal person to replace Professor Francis Dodoo, as the President of the Ghana Olympic Committee (GOC).

The delegates of GOC will go to the polls scheduled on Wednesday March 15.

In an interview with the GNA Sports, Mr Assibey reiterated that, there is a wind of change blowing at the GOC and nobody could stop it.

“There is a wind of change blowing, the electorates are calling for a change in leadership of the GOC, because there are a lot of unanswered questions with respect to the current administration.

“No one can stop the wind of change from blowing, politically it happened in America, Nigeria and in Ghana. We have to see that same change within the sporting area.


“If I am a contender and I see such a wind of change I will only have to give up, because you cannot resist what the people want, but for the sake of competition, we must allow everyone to compete, sincerely I think there is going to be a change at GOC.

“Ben Nunoo-Mensah has more than what it takes to lead the GOC, obviously both of the aspirants have some good qualities, Professor Dodoo has done what he could for the country, as a former athlete, as the leader of the Ghana Athletic Association (GAA), but as the president of the GOC most people think he could have than more.

“The electorates feel that, he has not done enough, that is why they are calling for a change, they also believe in Mr. Nunoo-Mensah as a perfect successor because of what he has done for Ghana sports.

“He has served football, Cricket and Weightlifting, they pushed him to contest for the position because of his vast experience. I wish the best candidate wins, but I think we must let that wind of change blow.

“There is no need to criticize Professor Dodoo unconstructively, he has paid his dues and we can never downplay what he has done, but the people who put him to that position, think he could have done more and they need a change.” Mr. Osei Assibey said.

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