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Anas' original demand was $400,000 - Nyantakyi

Mr Tuffic Abdul Karim Sienu an authorized speaker of Mr. Kwesi Nyantakyi, has cleared the airwaves with statements claimed to be released by their camp.

He confirmed in an interview that the first statement received was a leaked version of the original statement and was a draft copy.

According to him the leaked version was a draft copy because it did not entail the signature of Mr. Nyantakyi; therefore the second statement released was the original version from their camp because it entailed the signature of Mr. Nyantakyi.

Mr. Tuffic Abdul said there was a little delay in reacting to the number 12 video by the ace journalist Anas because they had to set certain records straight.

He said, it’s been just two weeks after the expose and they think it is in the right sense to set records straight in the same month of June which the video was released.


Mr. Nyantakyi has watched the video on BBC he said after being asked. He also confirmed Anas through a third party demanded $400,000 to cover up part of the video involving Mr. Nyantakyi but they could not afford. It was bargained to $150,000 but Mr. Nyantakyi could only afford $100,000.4

“The name of the third party has been held due to personal security reasons and legal issues but the demand was made, an attempt was also made” he said.

He stated the $100,000 was given to the middle man whom he suspects gave the money to Anas.


He also established, saying the middle man is well known and confirmed he is from the camp of Anas due to evidences of conversations and phone calls made when asked if the middle man is genuine and known.

He was speaking Kwabena Agyapong on Nyankonton Mu Nsem on Rainbow Radio 87.5.

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