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Amakye Dede meets Daddy Lumba @ African Legends Night

Two top selling Ghanaian highlife musicians, Daddy Lumba and Abrantie Amakye Dede, will perform at the Banquet Hall of the State House in Accra for a grand music concert dubbed ‘African Legends Night’.

Scheduled for Saturday, September 30, the organisers, Global Media Alliance, in collaboration with Vodafone, are stopping at nothing to ensure that the two veteran musicians deliver a one-of-its-kind concert.

The two musicians, according to the organisers, will treat patrons to unforgettable live musical performances.

Abrantie Amakye Dede and Daddy Lumba have remained faithful to music lovers, and they have a large repertoire that can entertain fans for hours.

The much-hyped musical concert will also settle the raging debate over which of two highlife musicians is the best when it comes to stage performance with live band music.

Fans of both Daddy Lumba and Amakye Dede are singing the praises of their ‘man’, hysterically debating and pre-judging who will win the day with his singing skills and stagecraft.


With his excellent showmanship, Amakye Dede is expected to hypnotise music fans with an innovative style that has endeared him to thousands of people throughout the country.

Abrantie Amakye Dede has also remained faithful to highlife music lovers and has a large repertoire that canentertain fans for hours when he mounts the stage to perform.

His live band performances have earned him breathtaking credentials as one of the most thrilling artistes in Ghana today.

The Ghanaian highlife musicians will be performing alongside their Congolese counterpart, Kanda Bongo Man.

Every year, African Legends Night entertains over 1,000s of fans with soothing, exciting, danceable African tunes at the State Banquet Hall.

“Celebrating the originality of Africa with music from our roots is our passion. We are proud to say that the African Legends Night is now a brand that lives in the hearts and on the minds of many who believe in the rich culture and heritage of African music,” organisers told BEATWAVES.

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