Sports News Fri, 20 Nov 2020

Axim Sports Stadium: 9-year-old boy depicts significance of edifice

Two years of ago, a sod was cut on the indigenous red park in Axim for the construction of what will be the first-ever Sports Stadium in the town.

The joy and the excitement of getting the ultramodern facility have made a 9-year old resident, Desmond Amonoo design a replica of the venue using a Bamboo stick, Plywood, Paint, and Raffia palm.

Desmond, who is a student of Anglican in Axim, started the whole project with Plywood and a Raffia Palm, which was given to him by his father.

He told 3Sports “I started by getting plywood, and then I made my father help me with Raffia Palm which I used to draw the shape of the stadium.

Contractors working on the Stadium disclosed to 3Sports that the venue will take a total of 5,000 spectators when completed.

Phase one of the venue is almost done. The second phase is expected to commence soon, official say.

Source: 3news.com