No transfer for Emmanuel Gyasi for now - Agent

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Tue, 6 Jul 2021 Source: footballghana.com

The agent of the Spezia forward, Emmanuel Gyasi has stated that no clubs have contacted him about the player for now and he feels good in his current setting at the moment.

Emmanuel Gyasi has been linked to Fiorentina and Torino in recent weeks with multiple reports stating that a bid could be made for him.

However, the agent has quashed those reports in an interview with the Italian media.

“It is hyper-strong in La Spezia. I have not received any phone calls and not even the boy, therefore, to date it does not seem to me that there are objective circumstances that make me say the opposite," the agent stated.

"I too have read that he was said to have attracted interest from both Torino and Fiorentina and it could be plausible, also for a series of circumstances that should, however, fit together.

"But honestly it seems to me more that it is possible hypotheses, a scenario that could occur precisely in the face of other problems that are also hypotheses concerning other clubs and other people. Everything I have read is very fascinating and timely, but it remains a reading."

Source: footballghana.com
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