NSA breaks silence on Martha Bissah apology

Martha Bissah Relocate Ghanaian Athlete, Martha Bissah

Thu, 2 Dec 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

GAA ban Martha Bisah in 2016

Martha Bissah apologise to GAA after six years

NSA commend MYS for the role played in Bissah GAA settlement

The National Sports Authority led by, Professor Peter Twumasi has commended all parties involved in the decision to lift the ban imposed on Ghanaian athlete Martha Bissah by the Ghana Athletics Association.

The NSA in a statement issued on November 3, 2021, commended the Ministry of Youth and Sports headed by Mustapha Usif for the role he played in settling the dispute between Ghana Athletic Association(GAA) and the Athlete.

The NSA also acknowledged the role played by the GAA and other stakeholders in settling one of Ghana sports’ most protracted battles.

Bissah was banned indefinitely in 2016 for accusing the top ranks of the (GAA) of extortion while working on an international scholarship for her.

The association deemed her accusation as peddling lies that brings the association's image into disrepute. The body headed by Francis Dodoo demanded an apology before lifting the ban.

After six years, Bissah issued an apology on November, 24 for all parties to smoke the peace pipe.

Read the press release below

"The Governing Board and Management of the National Sports Authority wish to congratulate all parties who played various roles in ensuring that the six year-old suspension of Martha Bissah by the Ghana Athletics Association (GAA) is lifted.

Special commendation goes to the Minister for Youth and Sports, Hon. Mustapha Yussif and officials of the National Sports Authority for engaging Ms. Bissah and the GAA to settle this matter amicably, consequently resulting in the reinstatement of the athlete.

Finally, we commend the athlete for taking a bold decision to render an unqualified apology to the GAA and Prof. Francis Dodoo. We believe this new chapter of Ms. Bissah’s relationship with the GAA will be in the best interest of Ghana sports."

Source: www.ghanaweb.com