Go and claim the sea - Market women slam Odartey Lamptey’s ex-wife

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Thu, 29 Jul 2021 Source: Robert Agyare, Contributor

There continues to be wide public condemnation against Gloria Adjoa Appiah, the estranged ex-wife of former Ghanaian football legend Nii Odartey Lamptey.

Gloria Appiah after a court recently threw out her second appeal in her bid to continue to stay in a seven-bedroom East Legon mansion built by the footballer has indicated she is bent on her quest and has filed a third appeal.

The former couple divorced after DNA results exposed Gloria of committing adultery with the results revealing that the footballer did not father any of their three children after over twenty years of marriage.

Speaking to some market women on the actions of the former wife, their opinions were filled with disapproval and disgust.

According to some of the market women, it would rather be better for Gloria lay claim to sea if she insists that she is not satisfied with the four-bedroom house, an amount of GHC200,000 and a car which was ordered by a court and given to her as alimony.

“If she insist she is not satisfied with what has been given her, she can go and claim the sea. That will be better for her. I am a woman and if the same thing was done to my brother, I would be sad. It is a big disgrace to women,” a trader told Oman Channel.

Amid their condemnation of the actions of Gloria Appiah, some of the market women also praised the former footballer for being able to pick himself up and agreeing to give his ex-wife alimony in the first place.

“If it were to be me, I would not agree to give her anything. I believe the man is just a kind man,” a market woman stated.

There were also others who expressed that the determination by Gloria Apiah to keep the mansion makes it not worth it again and that Odartey should let it go despite living in a rented apartment with his new wife and kids.

A trader said, “I would advise him to leave the property for her. It might cost him his life if he continues fighting back, he has life ahead of him.

"Nobody is going to live forever and the woman will one day leave the property behind. God has now blessed him with a new wife and children who are his, he can pick himself up and build a new house. God knows why it had to happen.”

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Source: Robert Agyare, Contributor