Soccer News Fri, 13 May 2016

Hooliganism killing Ghana football – Ntow Fianko

Former Division One League Chairman, Lawyer Ntow Fianko, has pleaded with the police to help stop hooliganism in Ghana football.

Okwawu United have been punished by the Disciplinary Committee of the Ghana Football Association for breaking the inner perimeter to attack the fans and players of their opponents.

This is the latest of such attacks, which are often recorded in the lower divisions, although Premier League side is serving a three-match home ban and a hefty fine for fans’ misbehavior.

Speaking to Asempa Sports, Ntow Fianko said, “We have improved since we amended our constitution, but we have not gotten to the peak of it.


“In our football we don’t tolerate animalistic behavior from any supporter because it’s not foot war but rather football. When you buy a ticket to the stadium, it doesn’t give you the permission to misbehave at the stadium and so any supporter who misbehaves at the stadium, the police must arrest and prosecute because the law doesn't allow GFA to prosecute any supporter; they can only ban the supporter so the police must be proactive anytime they go to the various stadia.”

He continued, “The FA and the IGP must meet to take a decision on how they can arrest these supporters who misbehave because if we don’t start to prosecute these supporters the hooliganism in our football will continue.

“If you assault somebody it a criminal offense and you need to prosecute that person and it’s about time we demonstrated to the supporters that we are not in a jungle state. The hooliganism in our football must stop.”

Source: adomonline.com