I am too old to coach a ‘broken national team’ - Rev. Osei

Osei Kofi22 Reverend Osei Kofi

Wed, 26 Jan 2022 Source: rainbowradioonline.com

One of the nation’s greatest football icons, Reverend Osei Kofi, has hinted he will reject any call for him to coach the Senior National Team, Black Stars.

The man of God says it was too late for him to coach the team which is currently broken and without any solid record.

He said he was too old and not young for him to be handed such a job as coach for the team he once played for.

He was reacting to media reports that the Ghana Football Association had been asked to hand him the job as interim coach together with Mohammed Polo.

But reacting to the news, he said he was not prepared for such a job.

“Do they think we nothing doing? We are too old to coach the team now. We are no longer young people. They have sat down and allowed this kind of humiliation to happen before thinking of granting us this job. No way. I am an old man now so I will not be able to do this.”

He was however quick to add that he was prepared to offer any form of consultation for the team.

“I understand football so well. Local coaches are competent. We have complained all these years over our taste for foreign coaches. For 40 years, we have not been able to lift a cup and when I talk, they will claim that I am hungry and want food that is why I am talking. So I am quiet now. I don’t want to talk anymore. If they want me to consult for them, I will do that but to coach the team, I am too old for that”.

Source: rainbowradioonline.com
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