Press Releases Thu, 8 Jul 2021

Inside-out with Alhaji Sidiku Buari on the Y Leaderboard Series

Veteran Musician, Producer, and former MUSIGA boss, Alhaji Sidiku Buari, has featured on the Y Leaderboard to inspire the Ghanaian youth.

He tells his riveting life story; encompassing his childhood, family, career, and life mantra, in a little over one hour with host Rev. Erskine.

Alhaji Sidiku narrated that he grew up at Cow Lane now known as Opera Square, where he developed a love for athleticism.

He adds that while in school, he represented Ghana in some international games where he always returned with a medal. “We played wholeheartedly for the nation, going all out to represent our nation. money was never the motivation. The pride of bringing honor to our country was the motivation”, he added.

Speaking of his school life, the music legend appreciated his parents for the sacrifices they made for him to receive a quality education.

“My mum was not educated and my dad was partially educated but they made sure I went to school pursuing even a higher form of education”, he added.

Based on his experience he advised that the greatest gift a parent can provide for his children is quality education.

He posits that this treasure surpasses the huge sum of properties passed on to children.

Undoubtedly, Alhaji Sidiku Buari has lived by his words by providing his children with quality education. He says: “I am so happy that most of my children are successful. They listen to me and take my advice. The most important thing is to give them a good education. If you give them that, you have given them everything.”

The celebrated musician in this interview also highlighted the challenges in the creative industry and how these could be solved.

For example, he lamented the inefficiencies in technology used in the monitoring of music plays for the collection of royalties in Ghana.

He believes Ghana’s logging system is not good enough as “musicians are not being paid their due when it comes to royalties". The former MUSIGA boss noted that until logging technology is introduced to help with music data and proper collection of royalties, musicians will always suffer unfair treatment at the hands of authorities and people who use the intellectual property of musicians.

Also speaking on the acting business in Ghana, Alhaji Sidiku stated that wages paid to actors and actresses in the Ghanaian movie industry are very low and that he believes is forestalling development in the industry.

He, however, assured that Ghana can establish itself in the movie industry, only if it is ready to set a standard of payment for actors and actresses.

“There should be a standard of payment. If you pay someone well, he will act very well. It is like a musician who has been paid very well to perform. These are the things that matter. We need to be very careful in our standard of payment. Ghana is not big as Nigeria and their sales are larger than us but Ghana has better talents than Nigeria”, he stated.

As is the norm on the show, the 81-year-old ace musician shared some words of wisdom when he said: “I am a determined man and that is what helps me with whatever I want to do in life. I am determined to make sure I achieve and I believe determination is very important in the life of every youth who wants to succeed.”

Programs Manager of YFM, Eddy Blay, was enthused by the exciting interview with Alhaji Sidiku Buari as he expressed: It was a great time with the veteran musician. This will be one of the memorable interviews we have had on the Leaderboard. I hope the nuggets of wisdom shared on this platform will inspire every young person who wants to grow in whatever field.”
Source: YFM