Jim Iyke opens up on why he was banned from acting for two years

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Sat, 19 Mar 2022 Source: www.mynewsgh.com

Renowned Nigerian bad boy actor Jim Iyke has opened up on why he was banned from acting in the Nigerian movie industry.

The actor disclosed this at the ongoing International Youth Empowerment Summit when he was given the opportunity to speak.

Jim Iyke said it came to a point where the producers and directors of film in Nigeria were becoming multimillionaires.

However, the actors and actresses who were doing the real job were wallowing in poverty and were struggling to make ends meet of their lives.

“Without us they don’t exist. We are the ones the fans know, we are the ones with the gift and the talent. Why will they be earning more than us.

"Why is there not a balancing scale, some sort of scale where at least we will say that we are doing well. Why is the gab so distant, why is there a total disconnect in the wealth appraisal between us and them.

"So I said everyone should start asking for more money. They got together and banned me for two years. When they banned us for two years they brought in new crop of actors to take our place.

"These people that they brought could not make the mark. The fans rejected them. They could not make the one million sales and two million sales we were making at a snap with our movies. So they came back to bring us back.”

Jim Iyke indicated that starting out his career, for three years he couldn’t hit a major role, but rejected smaller roles because of the belief that he was cut out for something bigger and will bend because he was broke.

Nigeria’s biggest actor used the opportunity to advise the youth of the need to believe in times and seasons because that is what will set them apart adding that there is the need for them to have belief in themselves.

Meanwhile, Jim Iyke who was once known to be dating Ghana’s Nana Buari has said that his relationship with Nadia Buari was a business deal.

Source: www.mynewsgh.com