Boxing News Sat, 13 Feb 2010

Joshua Clottey still upset with coach's no-show

Joshua Clottey has yet to forgive Ghanaian boxing officials and even government for their inability to help him secure visa for his preferred trainer to travel with him to the USA. With exactly a month to go for his big chance against Filipino icon Manny Pacquiao in Dallas on March 13, Clottey is preparing without Godwin Dzanie Kotey.

The Ghanaian trainer popularly called Alloway’s absence in his training camp continues to be a worry for 32 year old Clottey.

And he is talking tough on the failure of the powers that be in Ghana to work out the visa problem when it is for a fight the whole world knows about. “I am with a trainer but not the one I want and you know it so don’t ask me because you know I came to Ghana to bring Alloway with me but they didn’t help me to come with him so I will do my best. I am fine but tell Ghana that they’ve disappointed me by not giving my trainer visa to come here with me,” a disenchanted Joshua said in a chat from the US.

But like the true warrior that he is, Joshua Clottey, 35-3 (20K0s), remains unruffled and has vowed to give off his best, even with the odds heavily stuck against him. No matter the problems surrounding his preparations, expect Clottey to be ready when he steps into the ring against Pacquiao for the WBO Welterweight title.

“The only thing I can tell you is everything is fine with me and I’m ready to fight if the government can’t help because it’s my life on the line,” Joshua stated.
Source: prince dornu-leiku / www.sportsinghana.com