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KP Boateng - Appiah told me to...

Ghana's camp has been thrown into a sate of high-tension, which has seen midfielders Kevin-Prince Boateng and Sully Muntari sent home by Kwesi Appiah.

The players were given the boot on Thursday morning, a few hours to their crunch game against Portugal. In an interview with German newspaper Sport Bild Online, Kevin-Prince gave his account of the suspension before Ghana's match against Portugal.

Sport Bild: Mr. Boateng you have just been suspended by your coach. What happened?

Boateng: There was an incident at practice yesterday. Sulley Muntari and I were joking around after a one-on-one. I said that he had touched the ball with his hand but he said no. I started laughing and asked him: “Are you the referee or what?”

Sport Bild: And then?

Boateng: We both started laughing. The coach immediately stopped practice and asked why we were laughing. We said that everything was OK and he sent us to the locker room.

Sport Bild: That was it?

Boateng: No, I went to the coach after practice and asked whether I could talk to him for a minute. I asked him what he had against me. Then he started shouting at me. He also insulted me. He said things like “F**k Off”.

Sport Bild: And then?

Boateng: I heard about the suspension this morning. I accept it. But I don’t want anyone to think that I have insulted the coach or done anything wrong. I’m leaving now and I wish my teammates all the best for the World Cup and the match against Portugal.
Source: allsports.com.gh
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